Printmaking has been this 4th grade teacher’s foray into the enticing world of non-verbal visual delight. 

    Every session in the print shop produces delightful surprises. 

    In the studio, I can be the kid on the playground.  I can mess around with color and shape and carving.  I can try rice paper and heavier paper. I can carve designs.                         

    Prints roll off the press and present me with a gift:  either a finished piece, or something that asks me to come and play with pastels, charcoal, acrylics. 

    As a member of Corvidae Press,  I get to work in a light filled, high ceilinged studio on the grounds at Ft. Worden State Park.

Working on prints is my ticket into an unfamiliar, language-free, wide open universe that takes me to places I never before dreamed existed.

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    My life is shared between being a fourth grade teacher and art, drumming and dance.

You can see my art

August-September 2009 at

Wild Sage Tea

924 Washington St.

Port Townsend, WA 98368

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